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Famous Nature photographer in Spain: Jesus Contreras is your Nature and Wildlife Guide in Almeria

He is the true insider of Almeria, locally born and grown up in Almeria, full passioned with Almeria… Jesus is always surprising not only to tourists, but even local people with his knowledge about the province as well as with his wildlife photos.

Want to discover and explore the real live Almeria?? Have a look at the beauty of Almeria Nature, driven by a Senior Local Guide. Dive into a different, lost world, untouched by mankind. Discover rare fauna and flora and learn to see Mother Nature through the eyes of our expert.

Jesus Contreras is the founder and leader of AlmeriaNature Guide, OzNature Wildlife and DisCovering Almeriasustainabe, responsible and green ecotourism in Spain; you can now join Jesus on his tours through Almeria’s Province, discovering the most paradisiac spots. See below his trips planning …

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 Discover Almeria with Jesus Contreras  –   Almeria Nature Guide
Culture & Nature

Day trip 1 . The plastic Sea    

AlmeriaNature Guide Trip 1: The plastic Sea.

Discover the so-called Plastic Sea, at West side of  Almeria province. Wetlands and protected marshes in one of the best preserved places of Mediterranean coast, it makes high contrast with the surrounding over-developed area, covered under plastic, golf resorts and modern houses. We´ll take a look also of the area from up the mountains.

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Day trip 2 . Cabo de Gata Park

AlmeriaNature Guide Trip 2: Cabo de Gata Park

Discover the amazing Cabo de Gata National Park, one of the most arid places in the World; called the only desert in Europe, it is considered to be a portion of Africa in our continent. Cabo de Gata is one of the best places in Almeria coast for spotting birds that breed and feed in its marshes; it is with no doubt one of the last Mediterranean lost paradises.

260€ / Day Trip  (available also Half Day Trip)   Book now


Day trip 3 . TransAlmeria

AlmeriaNature Guide Trip 3: TransAlmeria

Discover Almeria lands in a combined trip across different areas (coast, deserts and mountains); this trip has been designed for those who want to explore any habitats at south Spaina in one day, and live the experience of coming up from sea level to highs of 2000 meters in an hour, where you will feel Earth at your feet. Landscape and Photography.

300€ / Day Trip (available also Half Day Trip)   Book now

Day trip 4 . TransFilabres

AlmeriaNature Guide Trip 4: TransFilabresAt only one hour from Almeria coastline, we´ll find ourselves at 1500 meters above sea level. Blue sky, wildlife, nature, amazing landscapes and abandoned ancient hamlets that will transport us to a different world. This itinerary crosses mountains from east to west, where we´ll  learn to understand mother Earth so as human and natural history, reading the stones in the highs.

300€ / Day Trip (available also Half Day Trip)   Book now


Day trip 5 . TransNevada

AlmeriaNature Guide Trip 5: TransNevadaLocated in the westernmost area of Almeria, lies Sierra Nevada mountains range. During this trip, we´ll cross high summits around this ridge above 1800 meters, from west to east; one of  unexplored regions and the most amazing and finely preserved areas of Andalucia. Stopping here and there at any moment to understand wildlife and nature in the area, taking photographs and enjoying the beauty of this National Park.

340€ / Day Trip (available also Half Day Trip)    Book now


Day trip 6 . TransAlhamilla

AlmeriaNature Guide Trip 6: TransAlhamillaA nice and quiet trip along the lowest mountain range (Sierra) of Almeria, close to the coastline and the town. From its highs we can see the greenhouses down in the plains, as well as enjoying amazing views of the Tabernas deserts and badlands. We will follow the tracks of people living here along centuries, in an old oak tree forest; although there are a couple of villages on the foothill, nearly all the trip runs across the wilderness.

280€ / Day Trip (available also Half Day Trip)   Book now


Day trip 7 . TransDesert (west)

AlmeriaNature Guide Trip 7: TransDesert - westAlmeria desert is too vast for being visited in only one day. This trip 7 runs across the western side, the worst known by people, driving across “ramblas” (temporarily dry riverbeds) by Sierra Nevada, Filabres and Alhamillla mountains. Picturesque places lost in the middle of nowhere will delight youwhile you receive information about every visited place. Geology, geography and uses of the land.

280€ / Day Trip (available also Half Day Trip)   Book now

Day trip 8 . TransDesert (east)

AlmeriaNature Guide Trip 8: TransDesert - eastThe easternmost border, known as Tabernas desert, one of the best known places in Almeria surroundings. Film locations of old western films, the ancient seabed shaped some million years ago and other geographical aspects do of the place a pure adventure. Unique place for studying and understanding geological origins of Earth. Pure geology and lively sensations.

280€ / Day Trip (available also Half Day Trip)  Book now

Day trip 9 . TransAlpujarra

AlmeriaNature Guide Trip 9: TransAlpujarraThis trip runs across the moors ancient areas of Alpujarras, on its Almeria side. A region that has preserved its cultural heritage and memory. From the higest villages in the mountain till the lower ones in the river, we will visit and understand this amazing area where local people still live in their traditional houses roofed with reeds and launa (powdered slate).

260€ / Day Trip (available also Half Day Trip)    Book now

Day trip 10 . Black villages

BlackvillagesDriving to ancient, almost abandoned villages, built up in slate; some of them are dated in arab times. These places have special charm because in them you learn about humankind and how life was hundreds  of years ago. The Berber culture has remained intact and many ruins scattered throughout in the fields telling us about old battles, shepherds and wolves… and very rough ways of life.

340 € / Day Trip (available also Half Day Trip)   Book now

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